Sunday, November 08, 2009

Amir's graduation day

31st October 2009 - Amir's Graduation Day

Amir has been practising his lines for a few weeks. He's been chosen to be the main story teller in an english theater for his graduation day. It was held in Dewan MPKS at Holiday Villa Hotel. It was pretty exciting...!!We bought 6 tickets for the show which all of the family members will be going including his grandma.

The D-day arrived. We are all as excited as he was. He wore a t-shirt and Jeans. When we arrived there, most of his friesnds were wearing their uniforms. Alamak!! So when I asked him about it, he said the teacher told him to wear t-shirt.

Amir and his teacher before the show.

His show was the 2nd last performance. He was great but unfortunately my camera ran out of battrery.. Here's part of the show:

The ceremony ended around 5pm. It was tiring but he made me proud, dear son.

We had the whole table for us..