Monday, January 17, 2011

2011- Year of Rabbit

2010 went we are moving into 2011..Things have changed, feelings for things differs, beliefs deepens and interests moved perspectives...

However, we remained the same self. My kids have grown and their priorities have changed. What can I expect? They cant remain as my little girl or boys forever..As they grow, there'll be no more tickling and giggling any more..they become too adult too fast.

Even my youngest 8yo is too shy to let me kiss him goodbye at school. My 11 yo is talking about boys at school. Not to mention my eldest..hmmm..My kids are my mirror. They show me who I am. They remind me of who I used to be. I hope they can be as strong as me to face all the life challenge...never say never..and nothing is impossible..

2011 brings a few changes in my working life as well.. I have different post and more responsibilities came with it. I will have to work beyond normal hours and will have to go out more often. New perspective, new priorities. then came new challenges.

I am a Wood Dragon and in this Metal Rabbit year the chinese horoscope predicts that I would have a better luck and a change in career, better health-wise..well, we'll just have to wait and see.