Saturday, December 25, 2010

My youngest son berkhatan...

It was 23rd December 2010..The day my youngest son finally agreed to have the circumcision. He said on one condition.: "amir nak tidor masa dia potong" so I looked up the hospitals and clinics in Sg Petani but none have it done under anesthetics. The only place that I could find is Kedah Medical Centre (KMC) in Alor Setar. So, off we went there and had an appointment made.

On the 23rd, we left for KMC for the operation. At 10am, he was pushed inside the operation theater. It will only take about half an hour. Since I haven't had any breakfast yet, we went down for som
ething to eat at the cafeteria.

We went up at 10.20am but he has not came out yet..At almost 11.15am , he was pushed out from the operation theater. He was all smiles and chatting with the male nurse.
I asked him if it hurts or not..No, he said..That's a relief...

Amir after the operation in the ward at KMC..

He complaint that he was hungry. I realised that he hadn't had any food since the night before. The doctor told him to fast for at least six hours before the operation and he hadn't had any breakfast yet. So my husband went down to the shop to get some bread for him first, then we went out to buy lunch.

He was discharged around 2.30pm and we went straight home to Sungai Petani.
Amir is a man now....

Amir at home......

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday 2010

My younger children has never been to oversea for holidays. In fact never even got in a plane before..One day they look up to me and ask me..."How come everyone has flown on the plane but not us?" My first thought was to take them to KL or maybe Langkawi on their first ride on the plane..but that will be cheating..Their eldest bro has flown to Australia and even Korea for holidays, the second bro has flown to Mecca for Umrah and their elder sister has also flown to Australia as well..So why not them???

The first thing that came to mind was "Can I afford taking all my three children for an oversea trip?" I have always wanted to go back to London for a holiday but it will cost me a fortune to take all with me. So I looked up the internet and there it was...Singapore!! I have never been to Singapore before. So why not??? It's not that far and will not be as expensive as London.

I looked up the calendar and planned my leave a few days before school holidays coz I dont really want to get stuck with lots of tourists during those time..Then I went to the kids' school and informed their teachers on their absence later and gotten their consent. All done and I booked the tickets for the flights and hotels..Later I looked through the internet and found out that I can booked on line for the Universal Studio and I booked that as well. Now we are all ready for the holiday of their lifetime. Oh yea..of course I need to change for the Singapore Dollars as well...

The kids are all excited when I told them about their pending vacation. They cant talk about anything else but Singapore and Universal Studio. Since this is their first oversea trip, I wanna make it a memorable one for them...

By the time we got back, I booked another holiday again for them..This time to Medan. They are so excited...At least, my kids will not look at me and ask me again " How come not us?"

One thing for sure..I am happy for them to be happy..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Puasa 2010

To all Muslim wherever you are...Happy Fasting and may this Ramadhan brings us hidayah and may our prayers are answered.....

Puasa this year, 1st Ramadhan..Kedah Cuti !! At least, I dont have to apply for leave to greet this year's Ramadhan.. I called home on the 10th August from work and told my maid to pack our clothes. We are going to "Balik Kampong" to start the Puasa this year.I called all my brothers and asked them to break fast at our parent's home on the first day. All done..I called my mom and told her we are going back on the night of 1st Ramadhan. In all the excitement, I've forgotten that my husband is working on the 1st day of puasa..Well, gotta stay back..

We slept at my parent's home and surprisingly, both Amir and Auni woke up for Sahur the first night. The next day, I started hearing complaints from Amir.."Amir Haga la Ibu.." That was around 3pm..Auni started complaining around 5.30pm to 6.00pm. Anyway, things changed when their cousins arrived.

It was a great 1st day Puasa where everyone gathered at my parent's house. Well, almost everyone, except my sister. Unfortunately, she's very far from home..

The menu was gulai lemak udang and kacang panjang, udang and sotong goreng tepung, telur masin, ayam goreng special, daging goreng and kentang, ulam-ulam and air asam and sup ayam for the smaller kids. As for was cucur cempedak and fruits..which consists of grapes, oranges, and buah "seghalat"..Not many younger generations knew of this fruit. It is like a tennis ball , hence the name, but tasted more like apple..very sweet, indeed.

Well to all ...SELAMAT BERPUASA.................

Friday, July 23, 2010

My "OLD MAID" came back...

I used to have a maid , Rika Fatmala. She took care of my youngest son since he was a baby, for 5 years. During the 5 years of her stay with me, we had our disagreement and share some moments of joy. She loves my children especially my youngest. That was where we usually had arguments. She pampered him to the fullest and whenever I disagreed with her, we will have arguments.. Throughout her five years, she went home a few times. first, she went home to get married. The second time, she went home to take care of her ailing father for two weeks. Her father died in her care. The last time she had to go back was when her mother was sick. We had to let her go and recruit another maid. Her mother also passed away in her care.

We had a new maid for two years. During the time, she kept contact. When I asked her whether she wants to come to Malaysia again, she told me that her husband will only allows her to work here if she works with us. So, she came in and here she is ..our maid again.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Pigeon Lagoon Town Fish Pond

It was a small corner. My maid used to parked her bike or some unused stuff there..The idea of a fish pond came by from my husband's friend. He was a kind of constuctin worker and he told my husband that fish pond would look nice at the corner there.

My husband liked the idea and the work started. I didn't bother to watch the progress of the pool. After a few days, my curiosity got the best of me and I took a peek at the corner.The first thing that came to mind was....."urrrrghhhh...that was ugly..!!" But kept my mouth shut..

One day, as soon as I got back from work the kids were shouting excitedly..."Ibu! Ibu! Bestla..kita ada swimming pool..." So they pulled me to the was better than the last time I took a peek. The pool had some tiles in it and looked okay but still ugly tomy eyes..But the kids were so happy..

" Ibu..macam ni kita tak payah la pi hotel pasal rumah kita pun dah macam hotel..ada swimming pool, bilik ada air-cond..Taman mainan pun dekat..." said Amir. Auni nodded in agreement. A few weeks passed by. Yhe pond almost finished. It was time for the fish toget into their new home but the kids refused to let the fish get their new play pool..

Finally after 3 weeks, they most probably lost their enthusiasm over the pond and agreed to let the fish into the pond...

The fish get to try their new home. My husband went to get more fish. One of the big Koi was getting over excited and jumped out of the pond in the middle of the night. We found it dead the next morning in beside the pond.

More decorations went into the pond. And now it was quite nice and soothing to hear the running water from the "water fall" created by my husband's friend. They were rather creative in choosing the colour scheme.

My husband added a small pond for the guppy fish. Firstly, we had the donation from our old friend, Syed Mokhtar. Later, we took some from my mom's place.

Here's Auni ....She wanted her picture to be in this blog.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The D Day - SP here I come

The date was 5th April 2010. The new trade hub was finally being set up and running at Sg Petani, Kedah. Finally I've got my wishes to transfer back to my hometown after 11 years of travelling to work.

I was pretty excited cum nervous. Bearing in mind, that I will be facing new customers, handling new systems and working with new staffs....well what can I expect..To top it up, we dont have any support from the headoffice nor the regional office at SP. We were literally on our own on day one.

I worked all through the weekend prior to the set up meaning I did not take any rest day at all. Lucky for us the volume was manageable for the first 2 days. On the 3rd day, we had a massive increase in volumes and we had to cut short our lunch hours and going back real late to complete the job.

Frankly, the job was really interesting and I really enjoyed them coz the demanding nature of the jobs made my andrenaline pumped up real fast especially to meet the dateline and cut off times. I have not felt so alive and enjoyed my work. I supposed I have been handling one post for far too long and the challenging nature of my previous post has lost its appeals to me. With a new surrounding and job scopes, I've gotten back the challenges and looking forward to start a new day everyday.

True to what wise people has been saying..."In order to move on, you need to change first.." The workload was heavy but I enjoyed the work. That's what counts....

Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010 - A New Year, New Place and New Determination

2009 went by and 2010 just started it's new life. My family and I finally went back to our own house in Bandar Laguna Merbok, Sungai Petani before the year end. It was a tiring days with all the moving out from the old home and moving in to our new/old home. I've always love this house.

Before we move in last year, I noted that the termites has started to land on the kitchen door. The termites extermination has caused me RM1,200.,,Then the renovation due to the extermination process has caused me another RM7,000.00...Finally we moved in before the end of 2009.

2010 started with fire works near our house...the "dushhh....bangs!!!" seems to go on and on forever. Then, when I was about to fall asleep, the phone rang...My son calling me about some internet banking...At 2am!!!!Then when I finally fall asleep it was Suboh time....The alarm woke me up at 6am. It felt as though I did not sleep for 2 years...Lucky me, new year is off day for Penangnites...

On the first January I did our groceries shopping at Tesco...and later cooked lunch. I was so sleepy that I took a nap at 2pm My daughter woke me up at 4pm. She wanted to go swimming. I lied to her saying that it looks like it was going to rain since it was rather cloudy. But as usual Auni is very determine to go swimming (since I promised her the day before)..I've got not much choice, so I got up gather all the swimming gears and off we went to the club. I let Auni and Amir play in the water for awhile and packed them back home. I was so tired that I fell asleep around 9pm.

Today, the 2nd of January, I was awaken by my children's excitement at 6am. Amir's registration day at his school, Sekolah Kebangsaan Ibrahim. I told them to go back to bed since it was too early...At 8.15am we reached the school and after all the speeches and paying the school fees, we left the school around 11.30am.. Now we had 2 kenduri invitations today. One in Sg Petani and another one in Alor Setar...We went to the SP first and around 2pm, we left for AS. we finally reached home around 6pm...

Now I'm going to bed early again tonite...Tomorrow is gonna be another hectic day since the schools will start tomorrow. My destination is Auni's new school, Sek Keb khir Johari, special school...

But tonite, before going to bed, I've gotta finnished writting Amir's names on his exercise books. He need to pass all the books to his teacher tomorrow...Gotta start now...