Wednesday, December 28, 2011

24th November 2011

It was on the 21st of November, my family and I went to Alor Setar, my hometown, to pick up our new maid. But first, we decided to drop by my parents' house. Both my parents were there..It was just like any other visits to their home. My dad will sit at his chair and chatting with my husband while my kids did their own stuffs. And me, I will follow my mom wherever she went. So, I follow her to the kitchen. She was chatting all the way and told me about her sprankled ankle. I can see the bandage at her ankle. "Did it still hurt,mom?" She said no but she told me that at that point, she could here and loud "pop" when it happened. She planned to go for "urut" and wanted to asked my youngest brother to pick her up. But since we were there, she told me she planned to go the next day. That day we left their house at 6.30pm. Why did I felt like hugging her when we were leaving?? I was looking at her face..and there was something different which I cant put my finger on it. I really wanted to hugged her but I did not...Now I wish I had....:( That was the last smile I see on my mom's face and will always remember that last smile...

We picked up the new maid and went straight home. I received a call from my sis in law - my mom has to be admitted and later fell into coma..My husband and I rushed back to Alor Setar that same night and when we reached my mom was already in coma and to be taken to the Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar. I rode the ambulance with her. God only knew how I felt at the time..Just a matter of a few hours ago, she was all smiles and now she was lying so still in the ambulance.

I prayed so hard for her to open her eyes and smile at me again. I guess I was hoping for a miracle...After tests were done, the doctor told me that she had a massive brain haemorrhage and there was nothing that can be done anymore...

On 24th November 2011, I was so tired and sleepy and left the hospital at 3.20am. I told my son to call me if there are any changes. I received the call at 3.30am saying that my mom's pulse was slowing down. My mom left us at 3.57am on 24th November 2011. Al-fatihah..

Mom, I love you..and missing you every hour of the day..You touched so many hearts and left happiness in them. You are loved by every one who knew you because you have a beautiful heart.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ramadhan 2011

It is now 23 Ramadhan 1432 = 23August 2011. Seven more days of fasting. We have bought "Baju Raya" for the kids, my mom and for MIL. I got mine at one of the bazaar at Prai, Penang. At this age, I dont need expensive new clothes any more.

I remember those days when I will go to the boutique for my baju raya. I was single then..Now I cant afford to dress lavishly. Let the kids enjoy themselves.They will soon grow out of it.

Kad Raya...nowadays it is almost extinct. But it would be great to receive one once in awhile especially from someone special.

Kuih Raya is a must.I will bake a cake and make some cookies but majorities especially the traditional cookies will need to be bake using my the office.

Open House has become a tradition to visit relatives' and friends' houses during this festive season. Now, invitation was sent out to invite friends and families to their house.

Ketupat, be it ketupat pulut or ketupat nasi will be served together with Rendang ayam or rendang daging. Now they even have Rendang Ikan. Ketupat also can be eaten with serunding daging or ayam.

Duit Raya ..this is a time of giving and celebrating the end of fasting.Those days, duit raya was only 10cents or 20cents. Now, it went up to RM2 to RM10 each. Some even went up to rm50 to RM100. No matter what, we cant compare with the Chinese New Year's ang pow..Huge amount!!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Safety Comes you care?

Safety of our loved ones is usually upmost in our mind...but does it always the most important matter in everyone's mind?

Well..every morning I send my kids to school and I usually took the shortest and yet the least busy route to their school. I timed all the possible routes and found one which is the fastest time to reach their schools. But...I had to passed through one kampong road..What I experienced every morning, makes me wonder ..Do these people care about their kids' life?

  • 3 small children about 8 to 10 yo crossing a busy road, carrying heavy bags, without any adult supervising them. I've seen the cars had to break hard to avoid them..God forbid..if something should happened ...
  • A father riding motorbike with 4 children-(one in front and 3 at the back)..only the father is wearing a helmet...Wonder where are their bags??
  • A boy in school uniform, about 9yo, riding his bicycle on a narrow road (usually Kampong road is quite narrow)..without any light. Every time there's a water puddle, he would just swerve the bike to avoid it..mind you, there are a lot of water puddles on this can imagine the car behind him had to slow down to a crawl to avoid hitting him..
How could any parents put their children's life at risk or are they just couldn't be bothered? These are some of the examples that I've seen on the road every morning..Not to mention the older boys with their motorbikes ( without helmet) racing with friends on the road...There was an accident which costs one life due to these boys about a year ago. An old man was hit and run by them. The police manage to identify them when one of the name tag with the school badge was found at the scene..Crime doesn't pay..

To all parents out there..children are god's gifts to us...Love and care for them..Think of their safety above anything else..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

21 JUNE 2011

Today marked the 47th year of my life...That is a big number..3 years to be half a century..I'm almost ancient..hahaha..My mom was the first to sent me Birthday message..but my husband wished me my first birthday wish....Then my 2 little ones..
My colleagues gave me a cake at the office. And surprisingly I received a bouquet of flowers from my old buddy fro
m schooling time,,It was definitely a wonderful surprise...

Well...I wonder what I have achieved for the past 47 years...??There were a few good memories
and quite a number of not so good memories..These events made us what we are today..more colors gave more personalities traits..Wiser? I guess some would still question this ability..especially after what I have gone through these past years. Greater patience? Well, most would definitely agree to this trait.. Matured? maybe..Complacent? That's
a definite NO!! More things to do and explore...

Thanks to my 3 children who has given me enough colors to my life...Without them, I will not be as strong as I am now.They are my strength and wisdom. They reminde me of who I was before. There are times I wish th
ey could be like me..more independant and strong minded but I cant change them. They are what they are. I just hope that they will grow to be strong in bo
dy, mind and health. It take times and experience to be what I am now.

My past experience had me strong minded and almost heartless..These could be good or maybe bad. Depends on how some look at it..Some even said I am too "degil" never one to listen to other's opinion or advices. Some even questioned me.." seriously you dont feel anything??not even anger??" Somehow..heartless people seldom hurts especially the strong-minded-heartless person.. We just dont care and couldn't be bother to think or consider things that cant be changed..That should be a good thing. right?Less heartache and longer..

So, the day is almost over, finally, I've received birthday wishes from my eldest son.. Frankly I thought he would be the first to wish me (feeling quite disappointed that he didn't even send me a tinkle) but unfortunately he was ill today. Get well soon dear boy...

Hubby gave me perfume..does it mean I dont smell good enough for him??hehehe

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy birthday Auni...

12 June 2011 - Auni's 11th birthday..The number added another one year but she is still the baby girl..I told her that she is going to get her I/C next year..She asked me back.."I/C tu apa ibu?"

My sister-in-law and family came to our house for her birthday bringing along my MIL (whose birthday a day earlier). So, I planned with my maid, since they are here, might as well we had a small makan-makan for the occasion. I bought blueberry cheese cake from Secret Recipe and my maid cooked fried bihun..

Auni with her cousins, sister and her sister's friend....

Where's Amir? He is somewhere at the back of the house
..sulking- because it was not his birthday...and attention are all for his sister...

Auni's presents from ibu, Amir, Ayah Kak Ika,
Kak Alia and Ayah Yan...


You will always be my lill innocent girl...Love you always! (Hangsang salang - in Korean)

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Penang 2011

School holidays has started..The kids are so happy but the mom...? Busy with budget for the holidays. We will be having our family gathering at Bayview Penang (as always, since I am a member of Bayview) from 31 May 2011 until 3 June 2011. Managed to booked 6 suites and 1 sea view deluxe..
Holidays started with sending my maid to her sister-in-law's place in Ipoh on 29th May. We left in the morning and headed to Gopeng ( my maid claimed their house is in Gopeng) Stopped by Bukit Gantang for lunch..
When we reach Gopeng, we realized that their house is in Ipoh. Actually she went there sometimes last year and the bus stopped at Medan Gopeng in Ipoh. And this clever girl thought, she was in Gopeng. We turned back to Ipoh and stopped by Kellie's Castle for a tour. Frankly, there's nothing much to see there and it was blazing the afternoon.

We, finally dropped her off at Ipoh and headed back. My son wanted to go to the we took another detour to Taiping. Here we are at Taiping Zoo..watching the animals and them watching us , too...hehehe..

After the train ride within the zoo...Amir wanted to
go back and watch the, we walked towards the direction showed by the guide..after a few minutes wal
king...we still hadn't see any snake cages..Finally...we turned back as everybody was so tired... This is the last place in the zoo - the elephants..see the kids' ti
red faces plus their father's too....

We returned home straight and the kids slept in my room that night..dreamless hopefully...

The next day, we started for Penang to my MIL's house but this time
, we headed straight to Bayview Beach Hotel to check in for my sister whose arriving that day...Once settled, we headed to Balik Pulau straight...and stayed overnight..The next day we went to Prai first to collect my Ipad2 at DHL office. I was very excited...Unfortunately, it was useless because I
cant download iTune since there's no pc around.

After getting our ration at Tesco, we headed to Bayview Hotel at Batu Feringhi. My parents and younger brother has arrived and gotten their room. I checked in for our room and my elder brother who will be arriving much later...

These are some of my nieces and nephews and my kids
sunbathing by the sea....I had my feet massage (for the first time in my life)
Then, I had half body massage...My sister has feet massage but she claimed she felt the pain in her neck and worsen when she got home...

We had our sightseeing in Penang...The Herb Garden.. We were given anti-mosquitoes spray to avoid being bitten by one..

Everybody was exhausted half way through...Blame it on the heat and we had to go uphill most of the time..We stopped by the restaurant and quenched our thirst...I even bought some fresh vanilla which is still
in the packet until now...hihihi...

Amir, as usual wanted a horse ride.
And he got one.......

We all stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights. The last day, all of us received bad news - my sis in law's dad admitted to ICU..All of us then went straight to Sg Petani to visit him after checking out........

Monday, January 17, 2011

2011- Year of Rabbit

2010 went we are moving into 2011..Things have changed, feelings for things differs, beliefs deepens and interests moved perspectives...

However, we remained the same self. My kids have grown and their priorities have changed. What can I expect? They cant remain as my little girl or boys forever..As they grow, there'll be no more tickling and giggling any more..they become too adult too fast.

Even my youngest 8yo is too shy to let me kiss him goodbye at school. My 11 yo is talking about boys at school. Not to mention my eldest..hmmm..My kids are my mirror. They show me who I am. They remind me of who I used to be. I hope they can be as strong as me to face all the life challenge...never say never..and nothing is impossible..

2011 brings a few changes in my working life as well.. I have different post and more responsibilities came with it. I will have to work beyond normal hours and will have to go out more often. New perspective, new priorities. then came new challenges.

I am a Wood Dragon and in this Metal Rabbit year the chinese horoscope predicts that I would have a better luck and a change in career, better health-wise..well, we'll just have to wait and see.