Saturday, April 10, 2010

The D Day - SP here I come

The date was 5th April 2010. The new trade hub was finally being set up and running at Sg Petani, Kedah. Finally I've got my wishes to transfer back to my hometown after 11 years of travelling to work.

I was pretty excited cum nervous. Bearing in mind, that I will be facing new customers, handling new systems and working with new staffs....well what can I expect..To top it up, we dont have any support from the headoffice nor the regional office at SP. We were literally on our own on day one.

I worked all through the weekend prior to the set up meaning I did not take any rest day at all. Lucky for us the volume was manageable for the first 2 days. On the 3rd day, we had a massive increase in volumes and we had to cut short our lunch hours and going back real late to complete the job.

Frankly, the job was really interesting and I really enjoyed them coz the demanding nature of the jobs made my andrenaline pumped up real fast especially to meet the dateline and cut off times. I have not felt so alive and enjoyed my work. I supposed I have been handling one post for far too long and the challenging nature of my previous post has lost its appeals to me. With a new surrounding and job scopes, I've gotten back the challenges and looking forward to start a new day everyday.

True to what wise people has been saying..."In order to move on, you need to change first.." The workload was heavy but I enjoyed the work. That's what counts....