Monday, May 25, 2009

Balik Kampong

10 years ago, a new beryani shop opened in Taman Sejati Indah. When I first went there, I was rather impressed with the cleanliness. I could see my own face at the was so clean and shining that it could be used as mirror. Not to mention the counter and the pots..All were shiningly clean..There were always lots of people queueing for the rice..The food usually finished before 1 pm..
Last weekend, I went back to Sungai Petani. It has been almost 4 months since we went to our home there. First, we got to get something to fill our rumbling tummy first. "Nak makan apa?" I asked the kids. "apa-apa pun tak pa..Dah lapar sangat ni" my eldest son said. Then I remember the beryani shop..and drove straight to taman sejati indah. Phewww...luckily it was still opened. Well, it was only 12 noon...The queue was still bearable. There was about 10 persons in front of us. The shop was still as clean as it was 10 years ago. The floor may not be shiny as before but it was still very clean. The pots and the counter were still shiningly clean. The owners, one aged couple was the same and like 10 years ago, still were not smiling. I have never seen them smile. Who cares, I made my order and chiou we went back to our home.
I was anxious to get back to the house. The grass has grown up to the waist. There were dust and dirt all over the place..Oh my God!!I could see traces of white ants...We help to clean the house after we had our fill of the food.
It was always good to be back. I really love the house. The wind was soothing and it was very calming and quiet at night. I remember sitting on the swing beside the house in the dim garden light listening to the wind... Once in the while, there were cars driving past the house.
We left the maid to finish cleaning the house and we went to pick my nephews at Cinta Sayang. We, then, left for Sunway Carnival Mall, Prai. Zhafri manage to get some of the stuff we needed. We came back to Sg Petani around 6pm and stopped by Central Square where he bought his watch. By the time we sent my nephews back home, it was already 8pm. The house was clean again. We headed back around 9pm and God..I was tired...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's day

There were stories about how a mother left her children just to have “fun” with her life but later, trying to buy back their love by showering them with luxuries. But there were more stories about how a mother sacrificed her life especially as a single mother to give her children a good life. A mother’s love is unconditional and borderless.
Mother’s day falls on the first Sunday of May every year..We celebrate this day to show our appreciation to the person who sacrificed her life to give us a better way of life. All was done for free and a mother has never asks for anything in return except to be respected and love.
This year, Zhafri wished me at midnite..just to be the first to give me the wish..Amir made me a card at school and can’t wait to get into the car to passed the card to me. Auni had to copy Amir’s card (since she can’t spell herself).With a wide guileless smile, passed the card to me as soon as she finished it..(although there were a lot of spelling errors…it’s the thought that count).
Unfortunately, I had a migraine attack and had to sleep it off the whole day. Auni has been singing happy mother’s day the whole day and refused to leave my side.