Sunday, May 09, 2010

Pigeon Lagoon Town Fish Pond

It was a small corner. My maid used to parked her bike or some unused stuff there..The idea of a fish pond came by from my husband's friend. He was a kind of constuctin worker and he told my husband that fish pond would look nice at the corner there.

My husband liked the idea and the work started. I didn't bother to watch the progress of the pool. After a few days, my curiosity got the best of me and I took a peek at the corner.The first thing that came to mind was....."urrrrghhhh...that was ugly..!!" But kept my mouth shut..

One day, as soon as I got back from work the kids were shouting excitedly..."Ibu! Ibu! Bestla..kita ada swimming pool..." So they pulled me to the was better than the last time I took a peek. The pool had some tiles in it and looked okay but still ugly tomy eyes..But the kids were so happy..

" Ibu..macam ni kita tak payah la pi hotel pasal rumah kita pun dah macam hotel..ada swimming pool, bilik ada air-cond..Taman mainan pun dekat..." said Amir. Auni nodded in agreement. A few weeks passed by. Yhe pond almost finished. It was time for the fish toget into their new home but the kids refused to let the fish get their new play pool..

Finally after 3 weeks, they most probably lost their enthusiasm over the pond and agreed to let the fish into the pond...

The fish get to try their new home. My husband went to get more fish. One of the big Koi was getting over excited and jumped out of the pond in the middle of the night. We found it dead the next morning in beside the pond.

More decorations went into the pond. And now it was quite nice and soothing to hear the running water from the "water fall" created by my husband's friend. They were rather creative in choosing the colour scheme.

My husband added a small pond for the guppy fish. Firstly, we had the donation from our old friend, Syed Mokhtar. Later, we took some from my mom's place.

Here's Auni ....She wanted her picture to be in this blog.