Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little thieves

Last Saturday, I called up mom asking her to accompany me to buy some cakes baking groceries. Since it was still early, she wanted to go to the market first..

We went to "kedai bawang" where we can get onions and groceries at a cheaper price. And nearby, we stopped by "kedai beras" to get the supply also at a cheaper price. Then off to the market to get our supplies.

By the time we reached home, we were too tired to go and get the baking stuff. So, while we were taking all the shopping out of the car boot, I saw 3 little kids, one girl and two boys, around the age of 8 to 9 yo. At first glance, I thought they just got back from mengaji al-quran. They were carrying some papers. Well, I didn't give them a second glance until my mom's neighbour started yelling. I was shocked and asked her why..She said the kids took all the letters from the mail boxes from each house. I rushed out the gate in time to see one of them took the letters from the neighbour's letter box.

"Mak, tolong jerit sat kat bebudak tu" I called my mom. She started yelling at them. One of them, the girl threw the letters by the road side. I started the car back and asked my mom to get in..They ran off the corner, and by the time we found them, the three of them were sitting under a tree surrounding the loads of letters they took from the houses.

I stopped the car by their side and they took off through the back alley. My mom went down and collected all the letters. We continued our search and saw them coming out of the alley. Unfortunately, the road was closed due to "kenduri kahwin" At least it was still early and there were no guests arriving yet. Both of us went down and talk to the people there and showed them the bundled of letters these little rascals had taken. We spread the letters on the table and saw mine was also there. One of the guys volunteered to delivered the letters back to the rightful owner. We took those letters addressed nearby and put them back in the letter boxes.
Gerammmnya...If only I could get my hands on them, I'll make sure their parents knew what their kids were doing.
What if, my son's offer letter was taken by them and he lost his chance to further his studies just because these rascals wanna have fun...God forbid..Now, I'm still looking for these little thieves...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blueberry muffin day

Today is Saturday and Auni has a replacement school day. She couldn't opened up her eyes. So in order to motivate her, I made a promise to her...."Auni balik sekolah nanti, kita buat kek, ok?" That really got her attention.."Buat kek?", "Kek Apa?" and etc..etc..She was finally got ready at 7.30am and off to school at 8am..Luckily, she's attending special school..or to detention class.

Anyway, when she got back this afternoon, I make sure she had her lunch first. The menu today..Nasi Ayam with Ayam Madu..and for my husband..cabai solok and brown rice..all home cooked..

Around 3pm, I announced that it's time to bake a I called dear mom..get all the stuff ready and by the time mom arrived the cake is ready for decoration...

Well..this was what's left after Auni had her share...A bit brown ..but nice..

Monday, April 06, 2009

Spending quality time

Well...I've been neglecting my kids and depriving them of their long deserving holidays. Even though they have never complaint about it but I felt kinda guilty. Every little time I had, I will definitely try to make it up to them ..well..unfortunately my weekends and their weekends do not concide. Mine falls on Saturdays and Sundays while their's falls on Fridays and Saturdays.
Anyway, I took them to play rides and games at the shopping complex, or juz went for shopping.

I'm lucky that my kids are not the demanding type. Whenever I spend time with them, they will enjoy just about everything we did together. Last week end it rains heavily. I just dont feel like going out..then I remembered DDI's cupcakes. Why not give it a try??

I announced to the kids.."who wants to bake cakes??" Both of them started to scream excitedly...well..that's it..I took out the ingredients but still I was still short of a few stuff..No choice..Gotta go out and get them..Rain or no rain..

I ended up buying more stuff than what I needed. That's not unusual for me.I called my mom since she was alone at home (dear daddy went to KL for a meeting). She came and we started the baking programme..The kids were excited..Both were busy helping us with the cake mixing and their favorite..cake batter tasting..Finally, it's baking time..all was set and the first batch went in. Auni keep asking "bila nak masak??" "dah masak ke ibu??" questions all the time..After Putting in the last batch into the oven, I notice something was wrong with the cakes..They did not rise as they should..Alamak..No electricity..The plug was not properly plug in.."Terbantut kek tu" mom said. I plugged back the socket and on with the baking..

Decorating was the best part for the kids. I made chocolate toppings and most of the toppings went into their mouth rather than the cakes..what mstters was that they enjoyed the day..They finished 12 cupcakes in 2 days .....between the two of them..