Wednesday, December 28, 2011

24th November 2011

It was on the 21st of November, my family and I went to Alor Setar, my hometown, to pick up our new maid. But first, we decided to drop by my parents' house. Both my parents were there..It was just like any other visits to their home. My dad will sit at his chair and chatting with my husband while my kids did their own stuffs. And me, I will follow my mom wherever she went. So, I follow her to the kitchen. She was chatting all the way and told me about her sprankled ankle. I can see the bandage at her ankle. "Did it still hurt,mom?" She said no but she told me that at that point, she could here and loud "pop" when it happened. She planned to go for "urut" and wanted to asked my youngest brother to pick her up. But since we were there, she told me she planned to go the next day. That day we left their house at 6.30pm. Why did I felt like hugging her when we were leaving?? I was looking at her face..and there was something different which I cant put my finger on it. I really wanted to hugged her but I did not...Now I wish I had....:( That was the last smile I see on my mom's face and will always remember that last smile...

We picked up the new maid and went straight home. I received a call from my sis in law - my mom has to be admitted and later fell into coma..My husband and I rushed back to Alor Setar that same night and when we reached my mom was already in coma and to be taken to the Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar. I rode the ambulance with her. God only knew how I felt at the time..Just a matter of a few hours ago, she was all smiles and now she was lying so still in the ambulance.

I prayed so hard for her to open her eyes and smile at me again. I guess I was hoping for a miracle...After tests were done, the doctor told me that she had a massive brain haemorrhage and there was nothing that can be done anymore...

On 24th November 2011, I was so tired and sleepy and left the hospital at 3.20am. I told my son to call me if there are any changes. I received the call at 3.30am saying that my mom's pulse was slowing down. My mom left us at 3.57am on 24th November 2011. Al-fatihah..

Mom, I love you..and missing you every hour of the day..You touched so many hearts and left happiness in them. You are loved by every one who knew you because you have a beautiful heart.