Sunday, March 29, 2009

World Earth Hour 2009

Earth day falls on 22 April this year. But last Saturday night was Earth Hour. Billions of people around the world switched off their lights to help save the planet.

Our house was no exception. I almost forgotten about it until I opened up Facebook and saw an entry by one of my friends, saying how excited her children was waiting to switch off the lights.

I started taking out candles and their holders. "OK kids, time to light up the candles and switch off the lights" My two young ones were so very excited. Amir kept asking who's birthday it was since we were lighting up the candles.

Then...Lights off...But the TV was on since the akademi fantasia was already on. So all of us stayed in the dark watching TV. We even swithced off the air con and the fans.

Around 9.15pm..we heard someone knocking at the door. My MIL and Brother in law juz arrived with his family. "Awat..Tak dak karan ka?" Amir juz replied, " Tak..Ibu kata hari ni birthday dunia..sebab tu lah kena pasang lilin.."Then, my brother in law juz laughed and explain to my MIL. So we continued staying in the dark for another 15 mins before I started announcing to my kids to start blowing off the candles and switched on the lights again. My kids were happy blowing off the candles and enjoyed the 1 hour earth hour...The only person complaining was my husband..since the air con and fans was off. He stayed in the room with the fan on.

It was a good hour for my kids.They never complaint. They treat the one hour as a game in the dark...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Zhafri....

Finally, my eldest son is 18yo yesterday...I asked him what he wants for his birthday..Guess what his answer was???Satria Neo!!Ever since he got his license, he has been eyeing that car...Well, he got to work real hard if he wants that car..Anyway, I took him and the whole family to Pizza Hut for dinner last night.We were celebrating his birthday yesterday and belated birthday of my step daughter(on 19th March).

Tomorrow, I'm taking leave again for my daughter's hospital appointment. I thought of converting all my son's accounts to his name, now that he has come of age.Killing two birds with one stone.

Well son...You are an adult now legally...You are moving to a new era now. Schooling age is over. Now college time..You gotta work harder now...Your future starts here. Think well before taking any actions. Each steps and each decisions will move you closer to your future. The outcome totally depends on your actions. Take life seriously. Think about your future seriously..

Whatever you do..dont look back. unless you need reminder of the rights and wrongs of the past. The past was just a reminder for you to move forward and dont drool over what should have been...There's no point in living in the past..
Whatever you do always move forward..Think positive and remember there's always reasons for every happenings.

I will always be here if you need me...Always remember that..All the best in your future...So Happy Birthday, Zhafri...May your wishes come true..(maybe not now.. yet.)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zhafri - Creating his future

SPM result was revealed and Zhafri got 6As and 3Bs. I'm happy for him but I can sensed his frustration. I knew he's expecting better results. Anyway no point drooling opver the past, what matters now is the future.

Both Zhafri and me are both busy searching for the courses available for him. He's interested in Computer Communication Engineering (something to do with network communication). He wanted to join Communication company like Maxis, Celcom or Telekom. What do I know of Engineering....I've been searching high and low for the appropriate courses and I think we managed to get a good list of courses. Juz hope he do gets what he wants.He surely deserve it.

Sometimes I can hardly believe that my son is going to be an adult very-very soon. It also makes me feel so old..He..he..I do hope he knows what he really wants. If he wants to be an engineer in network communication.. So be it....I can only pray that he will succeed in whatever he plans for his life.

No one knows the future but the future always starts with small steps like deciding what we want it to be and move on from there. Well Zhafri..You gotta work hard if you want to succeed. Who knows next will be going to UK to further studies. Hardwork and patience is all it takes...