Sunday, November 08, 2015

Bullies? Bull S**t!!

This morning, my husband told me about the son's of his friend being another victim of bullies at MRSM Pendang. This happened 2 days ago. The school informed the parents about the incident. 
And this friend is enquiring whether or not he should lodge police report.

He doesn't want the students future to be tarnish due to the incident. His son has got some bruises but another boy is in worst condition. Does he need to ask the question? I belief the bullies will continue to bully even after school so why dont we stop the behaviour now. If we let them go easy, there will be more other victims . Who cares if their fathers are some bigshot!! That doesn't give the imnmunity!!

It made my blood boiling!! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Anak akhir zaman?

I wanted to share some banking experience about children and their parents.

One day, a man went to a bank wanted to open a savings account, He transferred RM1,000 from another account to the new account. The other account was opened with another branch nearby. The bank officer enquire why he need to open another account whereas he already had an account at the other branch. He just said that the branch is nearer to his home.

2 days later, the man came again with his daughter and son-in-law. They marched into the bracnh and demanded to know where has the money gone. The account is short of RM1,000!! The old man made a signal to the bank officer pleading not to let the children know of his new account. He even pretended to be a bit deaf of which his children thought their father is actually having hearing difficulty.

Upon deliberate and difficult handling of the couple, the manager informed that she will let them know once she managed to get the answer from CCTV. They left and next day, the father came again to the bank and apologizing for the mishap the day before. It seems that the children have been withdrawing the father's pension money and they insist on retaining his debit card. That's the reason he need another account to put in his money for his younger daughter's schooling needs.

Another father opened an account for his children to deposit his EPF money because he is a bankrupt. Trusting his own son, he deposited RM400,000 into one of his son's account. The next thing he knew, his son dissappeared with the money.

What happenned to the children nowadays? These generations has changed. Whatever will the next generation bocome if these generation behave this way. Where have the respect for own parents went? Where have the family's love gone? The world is coming to an end. it must be the upbringing that caused these actions.

We have to look back of how our parents brought us up and compare to how we brought our kids up..Think back and restore the way of living that we used to have. If we dont...we will not have generations to be proud of....

Sunday, April 05, 2015

2015 A new year my first note

Another year went by and hstory has been created. Today we are a day old as days went by. We still looked back to our past, maybe for mere rememberance or even maybe we need to be certain that we are not making the same mistakes all over again.

Last year, my branch has managed to be no 1 top performing branch in Malaysia. This year it is going to be real tough to maintain the position. I was real proud of our achievements although our success was never acknowledged by our Regional boss, who said that we are "Jaguh Kampong". Well, whatever!! Good riddance to him as his bosses now knew what an "a**h*le" and pain in the neck he had been to his subordinates. he was advised to resigned..God works in mysterious ways...

This year, a few of our fellow branch managers also resigned.. Started with Norbaini, our Kota Kinabalu branch..then recently our Kuching branch, Hawina. Last year 2 of our colleagues retired, Mohd Basir, Caw Utama KL and Mashhudi, Caw Jalan Raja Laut and our Caw Taman Setia tropika manager, Nadzri resigned for a better business proposition.

New year new faces and new colleagues. New bosses as well.

My daughter, Auni also has finally joined the Secondary level in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Ismail. She has grown up now...

Amir is in Year 6, preparing for his UPSR this year. I forgo the Auditor position in his PIBG this year.

Oh yes, we built another room for Amir..making a total of 6 rooms at our residence.. hahaha..there goes the land..

Zhafri, in his final year this year at MMU, Melaka. His cousin, Haikal has just started his International Studies there as well..

Another year, a lot of promises to fullfill..Another path to tracked. Another history to be created....

May this year will continue to become another good year for all of us with success and happiness along the way..