Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life partner : sanggupkah sehidup semati?

We had a gift. Gift of Love from the Al-Mighty. How we use the gift is another story. Some can treasure them and carry them to their grave. Some is still searching for it until they go to their grave. Some, even had it but let it go before they enter their grave.. We have the choice and we make our choices. There shouldn't be any regrets if we made our own choices. We just have to live with our choices.

When we were young, we hardly think of our life partner. Someone may came along our way and we thought that person is our life partner. But life moves on and another person came along and we still thought that person is our life partner. We can never be sure until he/she became our life partner. Even if we married that person, we can never be sure he/she is our life partner. The relationship may end any time during our course of life.

I always belief that a life partner is someone who will always treasure you till the end of time even after that. Someone who will forever put you on the pedestal no matter who you are. Life partner is not only for this life but also for the afterlife. How may of us actually find their true life partner?? I'm sure most would say that they have found him/her. But, as an many of this life partner would think of you every single day after you are gone?? How many are willing to treasure your memory till the end of their time..?

I have seen few who truly loves their partner but after he/she has left, finally their heart turn to someone else. "Life goes on..." the famous quote. If they say love can be shared with many..I doubt that it is true love. There is only one true love and that love can never be shared with any...

"Till death do us part"..what about after death? Most women will remain single after the death of their husband..but most men will remarry after their wife departed..Does it mean women's loves are stronger than men??? Women are more loyal and true to their love ones..? Do wonder about that.. Why do we need to replace our love ones after we had spent our whole adult life with him/her? Why do we cried our eyes out on his/her death bed and looking for their replacement the next day..? Have we actually found our life partner..?

I do not know the answer to all the questions..but one thing for sure...not many of us had actually found our true love. Someone we would share our life alive and after they left..Someone irreplaceable or forgotten for all eternity..Well..we wouldn't know until we face it when the time comes...

I often wonder, how would the departed feels when their life partner who had pledged his/her love for eternity, finally remarried ..? Or do they actually feel..? would the living partner feels to remarry again after his/her love had departed? Will there be any guilt or betrayal in their hearts...or they just figure out that.."Life goes on.."

So the question is ..are you just a life partner or eternal partner?