Monday, January 26, 2009

Year of OX

Happy New Year to all my chinese friends...May these year brings ample happiness and good health to all.

I started today with a Malay kenduri at Kangar, Perlis. Then, we move down to Kedah for CNY celebration..Got to visit friends who had been calling since yesterday. Not to mention the boxes of oranges..Our house is now looking like a fruit stall selling oranges. I had to give away few boxes to colleagues and family. In fact, I still have 4 boxes left and I guess I had enough oranges to last me at for the rest of the month.
As I said earlier, not only the chinese celebrating CNY but the malays are also using this long leave apportunity to have the Kenduris. We have been receiving a lot of invitiations and fortunately, I dont need to cook since Saturday. My kids loves nasi kenduri and they really "pulun"...There goes my diet...Anyway, I need to cut down on my meat intake...Unfortunately, all the kenduri have more meat than chicken. So, it helps me to eat less since chicken is not my favorite either.

Year of Ox
THE METAL OX 1901 AND 1961
It is said that people born in the Metal Ox year are the most hard working of all and most trustworthy although not the one who will show their emotion well. Their feelings are usually kept well hidden within themselves.

THE WATER OX 1913 AND 1973
Water Ox are the quickest thinking of all the Oxen and also very hardworking.The water elements gave them more flexibility and liberty. Thus they are good businessmen as they are more open-minded of all the oxen.

THE WOOD OX 1925 AND 1985
Wood Ox are more receptive to new ideas and are more apt to changes. Thay are usually have high self-confidence which gave them a sense of higher authority thus are more respected by team members. However, they are rather outspoken and have short tempered compared to other ox.

THE FIRE OX 1937 AND 1997
My father was born under this sign and being a fire ox gives these Oxen dynamic qualities. Their leadership capabilities are tremendous, and they have to desire to be in charge so they generally hold positions of status and importance at work and in the community.

THE EARTH OX 1949 AND 2009
Earth Ox are the most loyal and diligent amongst all. Those born under Earth Ox are usually looked up to because of their reliability, sincerity and their modest ambitions.

I love reading through the chinese astrology and it is rather interesting to find out how much truth is when they describe people we know.

The year of Ox seems to promise a good year ahead and hope it will become true till the end of the year.....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome 2009

It's been almost a month into 2009. Life has become monotonous again. Weekdays, I'll be travelling to work and weekends, will be looking out for kids at school. No more lazying around or holidaying during weekends.
This year there hasn't been any changes in my daily chores except I dont have to rush to my eldest son's school anymore since he had finished his form 5. My son is saving to get his SONY ERICCSON C902. At the rate he is saving, it will definitely took him at least a year..hehehe..well he juz have to work harder...
My daughter is starting her swimming lessons every Sunday this February. I'm having a hard time looking for someone to pick her up from school since her current driver has moved to another place. Well gotta keep looking....
My youngest is 6 yo now and is currently loving all the attention he could get from everyone around him. He's getting quite good with his studies now and can read much better now.
My hubby is still at the same place and nothing has changed for me as well...
My wish for this coming year...
I hope I could lose some of this extra flesh..
I hope my son will get good grades and able to fulfill his dream
I hope I will get my transfer back nearer to home this year
I hope I will stay healthy and get my voice back without the need of an operation.