Friday, July 23, 2010

My "OLD MAID" came back...

I used to have a maid , Rika Fatmala. She took care of my youngest son since he was a baby, for 5 years. During the 5 years of her stay with me, we had our disagreement and share some moments of joy. She loves my children especially my youngest. That was where we usually had arguments. She pampered him to the fullest and whenever I disagreed with her, we will have arguments.. Throughout her five years, she went home a few times. first, she went home to get married. The second time, she went home to take care of her ailing father for two weeks. Her father died in her care. The last time she had to go back was when her mother was sick. We had to let her go and recruit another maid. Her mother also passed away in her care.

We had a new maid for two years. During the time, she kept contact. When I asked her whether she wants to come to Malaysia again, she told me that her husband will only allows her to work here if she works with us. So, she came in and here she is ..our maid again.