Saturday, December 25, 2010

My youngest son berkhatan...

It was 23rd December 2010..The day my youngest son finally agreed to have the circumcision. He said on one condition.: "amir nak tidor masa dia potong" so I looked up the hospitals and clinics in Sg Petani but none have it done under anesthetics. The only place that I could find is Kedah Medical Centre (KMC) in Alor Setar. So, off we went there and had an appointment made.

On the 23rd, we left for KMC for the operation. At 10am, he was pushed inside the operation theater. It will only take about half an hour. Since I haven't had any breakfast yet, we went down for som
ething to eat at the cafeteria.

We went up at 10.20am but he has not came out yet..At almost 11.15am , he was pushed out from the operation theater. He was all smiles and chatting with the male nurse.
I asked him if it hurts or not..No, he said..That's a relief...

Amir after the operation in the ward at KMC..

He complaint that he was hungry. I realised that he hadn't had any food since the night before. The doctor told him to fast for at least six hours before the operation and he hadn't had any breakfast yet. So my husband went down to the shop to get some bread for him first, then we went out to buy lunch.

He was discharged around 2.30pm and we went straight home to Sungai Petani.
Amir is a man now....

Amir at home......

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday 2010

My younger children has never been to oversea for holidays. In fact never even got in a plane before..One day they look up to me and ask me..."How come everyone has flown on the plane but not us?" My first thought was to take them to KL or maybe Langkawi on their first ride on the plane..but that will be cheating..Their eldest bro has flown to Australia and even Korea for holidays, the second bro has flown to Mecca for Umrah and their elder sister has also flown to Australia as well..So why not them???

The first thing that came to mind was "Can I afford taking all my three children for an oversea trip?" I have always wanted to go back to London for a holiday but it will cost me a fortune to take all with me. So I looked up the internet and there it was...Singapore!! I have never been to Singapore before. So why not??? It's not that far and will not be as expensive as London.

I looked up the calendar and planned my leave a few days before school holidays coz I dont really want to get stuck with lots of tourists during those time..Then I went to the kids' school and informed their teachers on their absence later and gotten their consent. All done and I booked the tickets for the flights and hotels..Later I looked through the internet and found out that I can booked on line for the Universal Studio and I booked that as well. Now we are all ready for the holiday of their lifetime. Oh yea..of course I need to change for the Singapore Dollars as well...

The kids are all excited when I told them about their pending vacation. They cant talk about anything else but Singapore and Universal Studio. Since this is their first oversea trip, I wanna make it a memorable one for them...

By the time we got back, I booked another holiday again for them..This time to Medan. They are so excited...At least, my kids will not look at me and ask me again " How come not us?"

One thing for sure..I am happy for them to be happy..