Sunday, November 08, 2009

Amir's graduation day

31st October 2009 - Amir's Graduation Day

Amir has been practising his lines for a few weeks. He's been chosen to be the main story teller in an english theater for his graduation day. It was held in Dewan MPKS at Holiday Villa Hotel. It was pretty exciting...!!We bought 6 tickets for the show which all of the family members will be going including his grandma.

The D-day arrived. We are all as excited as he was. He wore a t-shirt and Jeans. When we arrived there, most of his friesnds were wearing their uniforms. Alamak!! So when I asked him about it, he said the teacher told him to wear t-shirt.

Amir and his teacher before the show.

His show was the 2nd last performance. He was great but unfortunately my camera ran out of battrery.. Here's part of the show:

The ceremony ended around 5pm. It was tiring but he made me proud, dear son.

We had the whole table for us..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Amir 6th Birthday

23rd October 2009. Amir Zikry bin Rosli, my youngest child, turned 6. As usual, he demanded so many things.First, he wanted Ben 10 cake. Then, he asked for remote controlled helicopter. Then, transformer toys..

Hmmmm...these are expensive stuffs..Anyway, I did get him Ben 10 cake which costs me RM87.15.. As for the other gifts, I haven't got around to look for them yet... Anyway, I'm still thinking of whether to get him these toys or maybe something else...

As usual, the photo taking on birthdays. He put on his new birthday t-shirt and to the photo shop..Bee Bee (our family's photo shop) And here's the result:

Somehow..he looked much-much older than his 6 years..He looked more like 8 yrs than his actual age..Dont grow too fast, Amir..

I threw a small party for him, in fact his first actual birthday party since his birthday usually fell on Puasa month. Invited family only..

Amir with some of his cousins and sister, Auni and his Auntie. He loves the cake..It was really delicious....

Happy Birthday Amir...Hope you have a wonderful years ahead and may success be with you ...Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh and peroleh kejayaan dunia dan akhirat..Aminnn...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beware...Women in danger

Last Monday nite, I had to take the bus home from work. My hubby had to work late because of the election at Permatang Pasir. As usual, I took the 6.30pm konsortium bus from Butterworth to Alor Setar. I called my mom to pick me up at City Plaza around 8pm.

I reached Pekan Rabu, Alor Setar around 8pm and started walking to City Plaza...I heard someone honking so I turned around to see if I knew anyone but No one that I could recognise there. So I kept walking. It was not far and since it was still early, there were still some crowd in town. Then, a car went passed me. A man in the car kept calling me. So when he stopped by the roadside, I look into the car...

"Hai..buat-buat tak kenal pretend not to know me?) Mai la naik, boleh pi hantaq balik.(get in..I'll sent you home).."

I stared hard at him trying to remember if I knew him or not..realizing I definitely DO NOT know him, I said..."Tak palah..abang dah tunggu kat sana..(It's okay my hubby is waiting over there).."

"Oh..Abang dah mai ambik..Tak palah kalau lagu tu..(Oh your hubby is picking you up.It's okay then)" and he left..

I was wondering if I managed to get away from a posibble danger.. what if another girl fall into that trap..what will happened..? I just wouldn't want to find out..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy birthday Ja....

August is definitely celebration month.. Firstly. my parent's anniversary falls on the 6th..then my mom's birthday on the 8th and yesterday, on the 15th is my "lil sister"'s birthday...

Ja..Happy birthday to you from all of us here..You are my one and only sister..We've shared soo much secrets together since childhood days and even till now...there were untold stories which are still remain as secrets between us..That's the beauty and the luxuries of having such a wonderful sister like you...

Thanks for being such an understanding and loving sister..Thanks being who you are..

We all love you..

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Dearest Mom,

Have a very happy birthday today..P bukit kayu hitam tu..beli apa? Whatever u do or wherever u are..have a wonderful time today and forever..You brought me into this world through pains and labour..You care for me with love and never asked anything in retun...

Here's wishing you a wonderful life filled with happiness and full of takwa and iman from all of us..Hanim, Zhafri,Auni, Amir and Rosli

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Happy 48th Anniversary mak and ayah...Semoga kekal bahagia for years to come...dan dipanjangkan usia dalam keimanan dan kesejahteraan dunia akhirat...
We all love both you....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Children of the future

I was reading through one of the magazines about our children and the future. It was both scary and disturbing. There were articles about “teens and porns”, “bullies”,”fighting” and other unnerving topics. Basically, the blames goes back to the parents and their parenting ways.

My husband and me visited a friend last Monday and he was telling us about another old friend of him and my hubby who had an accident in Sadao. They joked around about this guy who (what I could gather from their conversation) is a bully and loves to fight. The friend told us that he was bragging about his son involved in a fist fight with his friends. Imagine, the father is encouraging the son to continue his bad behavior and to top it up; is showing his son the very same example by involving in the same unsightly behavior as well.

Kids will watch and follow their parents behavior. To make it worse, they could mixed with the wrong group and became worst than their parents. Someone told me a story about a man whom started stealing since kindergarden time, The first day he started stealing was a pencil case and his mother praised him for being so clever taking whatever he wants. Being proud with the praised, he started stealing more and stuff. Being a man he started robbery and took a life. He was caught and later sentenced to death. His final wish was to meet his mom. On the last day, his mom went crying to see him. He hug his mom and bite off her ears. He said before he left “Mom, you should listen to me when I first took the pencil case and scolded me but you didn’t want to listen that I was heading for trouble that first day. If only you would listen….”

Just a few days ago, there was a report on Form 1 girls fighting in the school’s surau. Whatever happens to self-respect and dignity. Kids nowadays, wanted to grow up faster than their age..It could be seen that teenagers around the age of 10 to 12 years old hanging out at taman selera or shopping complex. Where are their parents? Did they know where their kids are??

I was walking from my office to the cobbler’s place last week. I had to passed through under a flyover to get to the other side of the road. Dewan Bandaran Seberang Prai had planted lovely plants under the flyover and made a walking/cycling path to the other side of the road. I could see about 6 to 8 boys in school uniforms hanging around there at 10 am. Definitly, they skipped school just to “lepak” there.

Are parents too busy making money to notice their children needed their care? I knew one guy who had never been to her daughter’s school except the first day of registration. He never knew when her daughter had exams or never even met the teachers. He never even signed the report cards. The daughter will skipped school and wrote the letter herself to the teacher. And the guy had never known that her daughter was lying to him all his life. He trusted her 150%. Once, the daughter was caught bringing a boy into her room and she started lying that the boy was her cousin’s friend and came to her room to pick up something. And he believed her….I was shocked when I found out that he believed his daughter than a neighbor who caught her red handed. From what I heard, the boy left through the back door at the time when nobody was at home and she was only 16 yo.

One thing for sure…no matter how busy you are, always take time to talk to your kids…Listen to them, especially those unspoken words..A mother especially will know what in their children’s mind. The special bonding between parents and children will help to nuture their identity and self respect to become a respectable adult in the future…Insyaalah…

Monday, July 13, 2009


Raining season is here again. They forecasted that the rain will stay for the week in Alor Star. Lucky that I don’t have to travel by express buses anymore. Else it’s going to rather wet.

Five-day forecast
Jul 13 Tuesday Showers Hi

Jul 14 Tuesday Showers

Jul 15 Wednesday Thunderstorms

Jul 16 Thursday AM Thunderstorms

Jul 17 Friday AM Thunderstorms
Jul 13th Hi: 86° Lo: 75°
14th Hi: 87° Lo: 76°
15th Hi: 84° Lo: 75°
16th Hi : 85° Lo: 75°
17th Hi: 85° Lo: 75°

Same goes for Penang and I wonder if it’s going to be fooded again at the bank’s area in Prai. Previously, we had to wear slippers and rolled the pants up to our knees every time going to and back from the office. The road job nearby has clogged the drain so bad that even a short heavy rain will flood the area.

That reminds me of my school days at Sulatanah Asma School. Those days whenever there’s raining season, the water will rise. I used to be amazed at the rate the water rose..One minute the area was clear and the next, it was flooded up to our knees. I love looking down at the water (since our classes were on the upper floor) . It felt as though we were on a big ship cruising to nowhere. And of course, there bound to be a few classes cancelled..Yippee…!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Bus Trip to BP

Last Thursday, my husband told me he had to work late on Friday night so we decided to 'balik Penang' on Friday. Early friday morning, both our kids and the maid followed us to work. After breakfast at my office, my husband called his brother to pick the children and maid at the airport (hubby's workplace). Later after work, I took the bus to the ferry to cross over to the island. I left around 5pm from my office and lucky me I got the bus straigh away and as soon as I reached at the terminal, the ferry arrived.
I called hubby and he said he may not be able to make it so I thought why not I try the bus...I went to the bus terminal and unfortunately the bus to Balik Pulau just left. "Nampak "bontot" bas baru keluar",the inspector said. But another bus will be arriving in 10 mins. He told me to take bus no 403 or 403E. After a 5 mins of waiting, I saw bus no 403 came in. I got on the bus...feeling rather nostalgic.
It reminds me of those good ol' days when I dont have my own transport. During my student days and then when I started working in KL...I usually enjoyed the bus ride. I loved watching people and the scenery. Anyway, the bus took a long way to Balik Pulau. It was fun and enjoyable.
There were still a few good young ones who's willing to give away their seats to the elderly. I couldn't help eavesdropping to some conversation behind me about a guy flirting with two girls. I looked outside the windows and there's so much happenings around us which we hardly noticed if we ride in the car. I saw an old man sleeping on the bench at the bus station at Komtar and everyone pretended he's was not around. There was a mother carrying lots of plastic bags of goodies and her small son following besides her. She cant even hold his hands and the child had to hold her hem to keep up with her.
The scenery turns lovely when we reached the hills. I salute the driver. He's really good. The road was winding around the hill and there are a few sharp turns, but he was a real pro. My husband kept calling me a few times asking me where I was. Finally I arrived at balik pulau. And goodness ..guess what time was it? I arrived at 8.30 pm. It took me 3hrs and 30 mins from my office to my MIL's house in Balik Pulau...!!But time flies when one is having fun...Well..I might do it again next time. This time I might take bus no 403E and see where it will take me for another round of tour. And the best thing about it is it only cost me RM3.00 for the trip.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amir tak nak ngaji...

I came home from work one day and Auni started her normal "CNN" even before I managed to take off my shoes. She will relayed the whole day event in 10 minutes non stop..Then she told me" Ibu, tadi Amir tak mau ngaji" So I looked at Amir...(at this point I had manage to take off my shoes and put down my handbag in between Auni's reporting.) Amir...Apasal tak nak ngaji? He juz kept quiet....So I asked my maid and she told me when Ustazah came that day, he refused to read but he was all in his baju melayu and sat in front of the ustazah. Guess what he did? He juz sat there facing ustazah face down for an hour. Kesian Auni, she had to ngaji for the whole hour since Amir refuse to open his mouth...As soon as ustazah left, he took off the baju melayu and started watching TV...Later he told me that he was watching his favorite series BEN 10 when ustazah came..That's why he didn't want to ngaji..So I made a deal with him...If he mengaji, I'll take him to watch Night in The Museum 2 during the weekend...It worked..he started to mengaji from then on...
Sometimes bribery works....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Auni is 9 today

My sweet darling Auni is 9 today. She woke up real early and wanted to take the shower on her own. Unfortunately, I had to clean the shampoo from her hair as usual..
9 years ago, I was driving home from work (from Prai to Alor Star).It was already 7pm, when suddenly I felt some contraction. I had to make a very quick decision. Should I stop or must I drove straight home. By then, I had reached Sg Petani..So, I decided to stopped by the clinic juz in case I couldn't make it home.

I remember going to Klinik Dr Rama nearby Central Square. The doctor told me that it was already 2 cm and I shouldn't be driving as he said I could deliver at anytime. But I told myself and the baby that I can make it back to Alor Star. I drove slowly and counting the contraction as I drove...

I reached home safely without further incidents. At 2am, I woke up and notice something was not right.. The water bag has burst..I woke my husband up and got ready for the hospital...We went to Pusat Pakar Utara , now known as Kedah Medical Centre. I was taken to the room while waiting for the time to deliver.

I had to be induced as the baby could have suffocated. It took the baby about half an hour from the first serious contraction to come out..

It's a girl...

Auni Zulaikha, born on June the Pusat Pakar Utara, Alor Setar, Kedah at 1.45pm. My only girl and have given great joy...You are so soft and that's why they said you are "perempuan melayu terakhir" You love music so I bought you an MP4...TokWan gave you a set of girls stuff..You had never ask for much except a birthday cake...

Happy Birthday Auni...May you find happiness in everything you strive for...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zhafri into the new world of UIA

On June the 6th ,2009 I took a long holidays until 15th June. It was school holidays and I planned to take my kids for a fun time since the last school holidays, they had to stay put. Well, dear mommy couldn’t get any leave the last time. So, since the compulsory leave is at least 5 days over the weekend…why not make the most of it…Who knows I may not be able to get another long leave next school holidays…
Mainly, the reason for this break was to send off my eldest to UIA. He’s registering on the 7th June 2009. He’s taking Foundation in Engineering. We took off from my brother’s house, Benjie at Kelab Cinta Sayang around noon to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. We left in 3 cars…KCF 530 (my mom’s), KAL 121 (Benjie’s) and KCB 48 (my husband’s). The plan was to leave my two kids and the maid with Benjie at the resort. We cant take them to my sister’s house in USJ coz her kids juz recover from coxsackie. After checking in around 4pm there, we made a move in 1 car. Juz me, my son, my husband, mom and my husband’s car. Zhafri is one step away to a new world…
We reach USJ around 7 pm, had our dinner and took a rest. It was tiring ..Oh no..I’m missing my kids already..I couldn’t stop wondering what they do and how they behave…etc..etc I slept after wishing them good nite.
Next day, we made a move to UIA around 9am. Ja and family followed us to UIA. After a hot day of registering and opening of accounts with Bank Muamalat, Zhafri finally got the key to his room.
Fortunately, we met our cousin there, sending his daughter as well. But unfortunately for Zhafri, both cousins are female…The other cousin had already registered much earlier.
Off we went to send his stuff to his room.
The room number is 425C, Marhallah Umar Al-Khattab. It was situated at the old building. Room 425 consists of 4 cubicles. Each cubicles consists of a bed, a new mattress, a locker, a table and chair and a whiteboard. The paint on the wall was very old and rather depressing. The only good thing was the new mattress. Anyway, that’s student life…
When I look at Zhafri’s face, I could see the disappointment but he has to face it. This is reality and he is entering a new phase in his life towards adulthood. I’m sure in his later life, he will look back and remember everything fondly….juz like we did now. Students life was the best….The hardship…The tears…The laughters.. The failures..The high scores..The criticisms from the lecturers and the tonnes of compliments as well…Looking back, I wish I could be a student all my life…
We left him there around 4 pm.We stopped by my sister’s house for a quick shower and off to Bukit Merah again…I looked at him before we left and saw sadness in his eyes…At least, that’s a normal feeling…

Monday, May 25, 2009

Balik Kampong

10 years ago, a new beryani shop opened in Taman Sejati Indah. When I first went there, I was rather impressed with the cleanliness. I could see my own face at the was so clean and shining that it could be used as mirror. Not to mention the counter and the pots..All were shiningly clean..There were always lots of people queueing for the rice..The food usually finished before 1 pm..
Last weekend, I went back to Sungai Petani. It has been almost 4 months since we went to our home there. First, we got to get something to fill our rumbling tummy first. "Nak makan apa?" I asked the kids. "apa-apa pun tak pa..Dah lapar sangat ni" my eldest son said. Then I remember the beryani shop..and drove straight to taman sejati indah. Phewww...luckily it was still opened. Well, it was only 12 noon...The queue was still bearable. There was about 10 persons in front of us. The shop was still as clean as it was 10 years ago. The floor may not be shiny as before but it was still very clean. The pots and the counter were still shiningly clean. The owners, one aged couple was the same and like 10 years ago, still were not smiling. I have never seen them smile. Who cares, I made my order and chiou we went back to our home.
I was anxious to get back to the house. The grass has grown up to the waist. There were dust and dirt all over the place..Oh my God!!I could see traces of white ants...We help to clean the house after we had our fill of the food.
It was always good to be back. I really love the house. The wind was soothing and it was very calming and quiet at night. I remember sitting on the swing beside the house in the dim garden light listening to the wind... Once in the while, there were cars driving past the house.
We left the maid to finish cleaning the house and we went to pick my nephews at Cinta Sayang. We, then, left for Sunway Carnival Mall, Prai. Zhafri manage to get some of the stuff we needed. We came back to Sg Petani around 6pm and stopped by Central Square where he bought his watch. By the time we sent my nephews back home, it was already 8pm. The house was clean again. We headed back around 9pm and God..I was tired...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's day

There were stories about how a mother left her children just to have “fun” with her life but later, trying to buy back their love by showering them with luxuries. But there were more stories about how a mother sacrificed her life especially as a single mother to give her children a good life. A mother’s love is unconditional and borderless.
Mother’s day falls on the first Sunday of May every year..We celebrate this day to show our appreciation to the person who sacrificed her life to give us a better way of life. All was done for free and a mother has never asks for anything in return except to be respected and love.
This year, Zhafri wished me at midnite..just to be the first to give me the wish..Amir made me a card at school and can’t wait to get into the car to passed the card to me. Auni had to copy Amir’s card (since she can’t spell herself).With a wide guileless smile, passed the card to me as soon as she finished it..(although there were a lot of spelling errors…it’s the thought that count).
Unfortunately, I had a migraine attack and had to sleep it off the whole day. Auni has been singing happy mother’s day the whole day and refused to leave my side.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little thieves

Last Saturday, I called up mom asking her to accompany me to buy some cakes baking groceries. Since it was still early, she wanted to go to the market first..

We went to "kedai bawang" where we can get onions and groceries at a cheaper price. And nearby, we stopped by "kedai beras" to get the supply also at a cheaper price. Then off to the market to get our supplies.

By the time we reached home, we were too tired to go and get the baking stuff. So, while we were taking all the shopping out of the car boot, I saw 3 little kids, one girl and two boys, around the age of 8 to 9 yo. At first glance, I thought they just got back from mengaji al-quran. They were carrying some papers. Well, I didn't give them a second glance until my mom's neighbour started yelling. I was shocked and asked her why..She said the kids took all the letters from the mail boxes from each house. I rushed out the gate in time to see one of them took the letters from the neighbour's letter box.

"Mak, tolong jerit sat kat bebudak tu" I called my mom. She started yelling at them. One of them, the girl threw the letters by the road side. I started the car back and asked my mom to get in..They ran off the corner, and by the time we found them, the three of them were sitting under a tree surrounding the loads of letters they took from the houses.

I stopped the car by their side and they took off through the back alley. My mom went down and collected all the letters. We continued our search and saw them coming out of the alley. Unfortunately, the road was closed due to "kenduri kahwin" At least it was still early and there were no guests arriving yet. Both of us went down and talk to the people there and showed them the bundled of letters these little rascals had taken. We spread the letters on the table and saw mine was also there. One of the guys volunteered to delivered the letters back to the rightful owner. We took those letters addressed nearby and put them back in the letter boxes.
Gerammmnya...If only I could get my hands on them, I'll make sure their parents knew what their kids were doing.
What if, my son's offer letter was taken by them and he lost his chance to further his studies just because these rascals wanna have fun...God forbid..Now, I'm still looking for these little thieves...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blueberry muffin day

Today is Saturday and Auni has a replacement school day. She couldn't opened up her eyes. So in order to motivate her, I made a promise to her...."Auni balik sekolah nanti, kita buat kek, ok?" That really got her attention.."Buat kek?", "Kek Apa?" and etc..etc..She was finally got ready at 7.30am and off to school at 8am..Luckily, she's attending special school..or to detention class.

Anyway, when she got back this afternoon, I make sure she had her lunch first. The menu today..Nasi Ayam with Ayam Madu..and for my husband..cabai solok and brown rice..all home cooked..

Around 3pm, I announced that it's time to bake a I called dear mom..get all the stuff ready and by the time mom arrived the cake is ready for decoration...

Well..this was what's left after Auni had her share...A bit brown ..but nice..

Monday, April 06, 2009

Spending quality time

Well...I've been neglecting my kids and depriving them of their long deserving holidays. Even though they have never complaint about it but I felt kinda guilty. Every little time I had, I will definitely try to make it up to them ..well..unfortunately my weekends and their weekends do not concide. Mine falls on Saturdays and Sundays while their's falls on Fridays and Saturdays.
Anyway, I took them to play rides and games at the shopping complex, or juz went for shopping.

I'm lucky that my kids are not the demanding type. Whenever I spend time with them, they will enjoy just about everything we did together. Last week end it rains heavily. I just dont feel like going out..then I remembered DDI's cupcakes. Why not give it a try??

I announced to the kids.."who wants to bake cakes??" Both of them started to scream excitedly...well..that's it..I took out the ingredients but still I was still short of a few stuff..No choice..Gotta go out and get them..Rain or no rain..

I ended up buying more stuff than what I needed. That's not unusual for me.I called my mom since she was alone at home (dear daddy went to KL for a meeting). She came and we started the baking programme..The kids were excited..Both were busy helping us with the cake mixing and their favorite..cake batter tasting..Finally, it's baking time..all was set and the first batch went in. Auni keep asking "bila nak masak??" "dah masak ke ibu??" questions all the time..After Putting in the last batch into the oven, I notice something was wrong with the cakes..They did not rise as they should..Alamak..No electricity..The plug was not properly plug in.."Terbantut kek tu" mom said. I plugged back the socket and on with the baking..

Decorating was the best part for the kids. I made chocolate toppings and most of the toppings went into their mouth rather than the cakes..what mstters was that they enjoyed the day..They finished 12 cupcakes in 2 days .....between the two of them..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

World Earth Hour 2009

Earth day falls on 22 April this year. But last Saturday night was Earth Hour. Billions of people around the world switched off their lights to help save the planet.

Our house was no exception. I almost forgotten about it until I opened up Facebook and saw an entry by one of my friends, saying how excited her children was waiting to switch off the lights.

I started taking out candles and their holders. "OK kids, time to light up the candles and switch off the lights" My two young ones were so very excited. Amir kept asking who's birthday it was since we were lighting up the candles.

Then...Lights off...But the TV was on since the akademi fantasia was already on. So all of us stayed in the dark watching TV. We even swithced off the air con and the fans.

Around 9.15pm..we heard someone knocking at the door. My MIL and Brother in law juz arrived with his family. "Awat..Tak dak karan ka?" Amir juz replied, " Tak..Ibu kata hari ni birthday dunia..sebab tu lah kena pasang lilin.."Then, my brother in law juz laughed and explain to my MIL. So we continued staying in the dark for another 15 mins before I started announcing to my kids to start blowing off the candles and switched on the lights again. My kids were happy blowing off the candles and enjoyed the 1 hour earth hour...The only person complaining was my husband..since the air con and fans was off. He stayed in the room with the fan on.

It was a good hour for my kids.They never complaint. They treat the one hour as a game in the dark...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Zhafri....

Finally, my eldest son is 18yo yesterday...I asked him what he wants for his birthday..Guess what his answer was???Satria Neo!!Ever since he got his license, he has been eyeing that car...Well, he got to work real hard if he wants that car..Anyway, I took him and the whole family to Pizza Hut for dinner last night.We were celebrating his birthday yesterday and belated birthday of my step daughter(on 19th March).

Tomorrow, I'm taking leave again for my daughter's hospital appointment. I thought of converting all my son's accounts to his name, now that he has come of age.Killing two birds with one stone.

Well son...You are an adult now legally...You are moving to a new era now. Schooling age is over. Now college time..You gotta work harder now...Your future starts here. Think well before taking any actions. Each steps and each decisions will move you closer to your future. The outcome totally depends on your actions. Take life seriously. Think about your future seriously..

Whatever you do..dont look back. unless you need reminder of the rights and wrongs of the past. The past was just a reminder for you to move forward and dont drool over what should have been...There's no point in living in the past..
Whatever you do always move forward..Think positive and remember there's always reasons for every happenings.

I will always be here if you need me...Always remember that..All the best in your future...So Happy Birthday, Zhafri...May your wishes come true..(maybe not now.. yet.)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zhafri - Creating his future

SPM result was revealed and Zhafri got 6As and 3Bs. I'm happy for him but I can sensed his frustration. I knew he's expecting better results. Anyway no point drooling opver the past, what matters now is the future.

Both Zhafri and me are both busy searching for the courses available for him. He's interested in Computer Communication Engineering (something to do with network communication). He wanted to join Communication company like Maxis, Celcom or Telekom. What do I know of Engineering....I've been searching high and low for the appropriate courses and I think we managed to get a good list of courses. Juz hope he do gets what he wants.He surely deserve it.

Sometimes I can hardly believe that my son is going to be an adult very-very soon. It also makes me feel so old..He..he..I do hope he knows what he really wants. If he wants to be an engineer in network communication.. So be it....I can only pray that he will succeed in whatever he plans for his life.

No one knows the future but the future always starts with small steps like deciding what we want it to be and move on from there. Well Zhafri..You gotta work hard if you want to succeed. Who knows next will be going to UK to further studies. Hardwork and patience is all it takes...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Year of OX

Happy New Year to all my chinese friends...May these year brings ample happiness and good health to all.

I started today with a Malay kenduri at Kangar, Perlis. Then, we move down to Kedah for CNY celebration..Got to visit friends who had been calling since yesterday. Not to mention the boxes of oranges..Our house is now looking like a fruit stall selling oranges. I had to give away few boxes to colleagues and family. In fact, I still have 4 boxes left and I guess I had enough oranges to last me at for the rest of the month.
As I said earlier, not only the chinese celebrating CNY but the malays are also using this long leave apportunity to have the Kenduris. We have been receiving a lot of invitiations and fortunately, I dont need to cook since Saturday. My kids loves nasi kenduri and they really "pulun"...There goes my diet...Anyway, I need to cut down on my meat intake...Unfortunately, all the kenduri have more meat than chicken. So, it helps me to eat less since chicken is not my favorite either.

Year of Ox
THE METAL OX 1901 AND 1961
It is said that people born in the Metal Ox year are the most hard working of all and most trustworthy although not the one who will show their emotion well. Their feelings are usually kept well hidden within themselves.

THE WATER OX 1913 AND 1973
Water Ox are the quickest thinking of all the Oxen and also very hardworking.The water elements gave them more flexibility and liberty. Thus they are good businessmen as they are more open-minded of all the oxen.

THE WOOD OX 1925 AND 1985
Wood Ox are more receptive to new ideas and are more apt to changes. Thay are usually have high self-confidence which gave them a sense of higher authority thus are more respected by team members. However, they are rather outspoken and have short tempered compared to other ox.

THE FIRE OX 1937 AND 1997
My father was born under this sign and being a fire ox gives these Oxen dynamic qualities. Their leadership capabilities are tremendous, and they have to desire to be in charge so they generally hold positions of status and importance at work and in the community.

THE EARTH OX 1949 AND 2009
Earth Ox are the most loyal and diligent amongst all. Those born under Earth Ox are usually looked up to because of their reliability, sincerity and their modest ambitions.

I love reading through the chinese astrology and it is rather interesting to find out how much truth is when they describe people we know.

The year of Ox seems to promise a good year ahead and hope it will become true till the end of the year.....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome 2009

It's been almost a month into 2009. Life has become monotonous again. Weekdays, I'll be travelling to work and weekends, will be looking out for kids at school. No more lazying around or holidaying during weekends.
This year there hasn't been any changes in my daily chores except I dont have to rush to my eldest son's school anymore since he had finished his form 5. My son is saving to get his SONY ERICCSON C902. At the rate he is saving, it will definitely took him at least a year..hehehe..well he juz have to work harder...
My daughter is starting her swimming lessons every Sunday this February. I'm having a hard time looking for someone to pick her up from school since her current driver has moved to another place. Well gotta keep looking....
My youngest is 6 yo now and is currently loving all the attention he could get from everyone around him. He's getting quite good with his studies now and can read much better now.
My hubby is still at the same place and nothing has changed for me as well...
My wish for this coming year...
I hope I could lose some of this extra flesh..
I hope my son will get good grades and able to fulfill his dream
I hope I will get my transfer back nearer to home this year
I hope I will stay healthy and get my voice back without the need of an operation.