Thursday, August 12, 2010

Puasa 2010

To all Muslim wherever you are...Happy Fasting and may this Ramadhan brings us hidayah and may our prayers are answered.....

Puasa this year, 1st Ramadhan..Kedah Cuti !! At least, I dont have to apply for leave to greet this year's Ramadhan.. I called home on the 10th August from work and told my maid to pack our clothes. We are going to "Balik Kampong" to start the Puasa this year.I called all my brothers and asked them to break fast at our parent's home on the first day. All done..I called my mom and told her we are going back on the night of 1st Ramadhan. In all the excitement, I've forgotten that my husband is working on the 1st day of puasa..Well, gotta stay back..

We slept at my parent's home and surprisingly, both Amir and Auni woke up for Sahur the first night. The next day, I started hearing complaints from Amir.."Amir Haga la Ibu.." That was around 3pm..Auni started complaining around 5.30pm to 6.00pm. Anyway, things changed when their cousins arrived.

It was a great 1st day Puasa where everyone gathered at my parent's house. Well, almost everyone, except my sister. Unfortunately, she's very far from home..

The menu was gulai lemak udang and kacang panjang, udang and sotong goreng tepung, telur masin, ayam goreng special, daging goreng and kentang, ulam-ulam and air asam and sup ayam for the smaller kids. As for was cucur cempedak and fruits..which consists of grapes, oranges, and buah "seghalat"..Not many younger generations knew of this fruit. It is like a tennis ball , hence the name, but tasted more like apple..very sweet, indeed.

Well to all ...SELAMAT BERPUASA.................