Sunday, July 10, 2011

Safety Comes you care?

Safety of our loved ones is usually upmost in our mind...but does it always the most important matter in everyone's mind?

Well..every morning I send my kids to school and I usually took the shortest and yet the least busy route to their school. I timed all the possible routes and found one which is the fastest time to reach their schools. But...I had to passed through one kampong road..What I experienced every morning, makes me wonder ..Do these people care about their kids' life?

  • 3 small children about 8 to 10 yo crossing a busy road, carrying heavy bags, without any adult supervising them. I've seen the cars had to break hard to avoid them..God forbid..if something should happened ...
  • A father riding motorbike with 4 children-(one in front and 3 at the back)..only the father is wearing a helmet...Wonder where are their bags??
  • A boy in school uniform, about 9yo, riding his bicycle on a narrow road (usually Kampong road is quite narrow)..without any light. Every time there's a water puddle, he would just swerve the bike to avoid it..mind you, there are a lot of water puddles on this can imagine the car behind him had to slow down to a crawl to avoid hitting him..
How could any parents put their children's life at risk or are they just couldn't be bothered? These are some of the examples that I've seen on the road every morning..Not to mention the older boys with their motorbikes ( without helmet) racing with friends on the road...There was an accident which costs one life due to these boys about a year ago. An old man was hit and run by them. The police manage to identify them when one of the name tag with the school badge was found at the scene..Crime doesn't pay..

To all parents out there..children are god's gifts to us...Love and care for them..Think of their safety above anything else..